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[Fall 2022] (A) Ball Rules / Videos / etc..
by posted 09/07/2022

Hi All RWCLL (A) Ball Families,

There has a been a little confusion due to portions of the website being outdated.

(A) Intro to Coach Pitch is a division where Coaches will pitch to the players.

RWCLL tried out the mechanical pitching machine for 5 years, but in 2020 moved back to Coach Pitch. 

I have updated the (A) division page with the information I have copied/pasted below, Parents, please take a look at the video links.. they not just for Coaches.


Remember, this is Fall Ball...  Be Kind, Be Safe, Have Fun... 



(A) - Intro to Coach Pitch

Introduction to Coach Pitch (A)  Baseball is for girls and boys 5-7 years old who want to expand the fundamentals of throwing, catching, hitting, fielding and baserunning.  Players will hit balls (compression tee ball style) pitched from their Coach.

Rosters may be composed of between 9-10 players. The diamond used is a 50-foot diamond with the Coach pitching from a distance of ~ 25-35 feet. 

Players in this division may request to be with a specific coach, neighbor, best friend, etc. This information must be included in the registrstion for, and the (A) Ball Player Agent will attempt to make all reasonable requests if possible.

In 2011- 2014, this division was a coach pitch division.  In 2015-2020 RWCLL experimited with a mechanical pitching machine (Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine),  in 2020 RWCLL opted back to Coach Pitch.


Video Resources for Coaches and Parents:

(A) Ball Practice Plan (2:13 minutes)


(A) Ball Front Toss (Coach Pitch) (1:32 minutes)

(A) Ball Hitting  (2:00 minutes)


(A) Ball Throwing (2:33 minutes)


(A) Ball Base Running  (1:17 minutes)


(A) Ball How Run a Game (3:35 minutes)

* these videos were created for the 2021 season, and have pandemic related references they may not be applicable in 2022.


(A) Ball Local Rules for Spring Season:  

These are included in the RWCLL Operating Manual found here

1. Time Limit: No new inning after one hour and 15 minutes

2. Number of Innings: Six

3. Minimum Play: Three defensive innings

4. A single coach may stand in the outfield with the players throughout the season.

5. Inning ends after whichever comes first:
     a. Each player bats once
     b. Three outs
     c. Five runs scored

6. Up to ten players in the field on defense with four outfielders

7. Roster batting

8. Number of Pitches Per At Bat: 5
     a. A tee will be used after 5 pitches for the first half of the season

9. No scores are kept

10. Home Team occupies the 1st base dugout and sets up the field (drags, chalks, bases, etc)

11. Visitor team puts away the field and ensures equipment boxes, dugout gate and portable outhouses are locked

12. No bunting

*  Fall Ball rules may be similar, but Managers have the authority to make mutually agreed upon modifications







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