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Cardiac Kids
by posted 05/26/2023

Parents - 

Another heart racing finish last night.  Good job to all the players (and the fans for their support).  Our next playoff game will be next Tuesday, May 30th.   6pm first pitch at McGarvey.  We are doing the same thing as usual - I will be in the cages starting about 4pm if anyone wants to warm up there.  For those who will not be there lets meet at the cages by 5:30, and not the field.  We may warm up on Bechet instead of McGarvey depending on how a few things shake out. 

Also the Grand Canyon kids will be back for our next game.  Please indicate if your player will be at the game or not so that the coaching staff can put in a game plan.  Each game we play from here will most likely become progressively harder.  You will probably notice that some defensive positions and playing times will be changed as well.  The coaching staff is trying to put our best defenders on the field for the longest times possible.  While we will of course follow all rules, this means that some players are likely to see signficiantly diminshed defensive playing time.  The good news is that even your child will still be able to have their at-bats regardless of the defensive playing situation.  

This next game is going to be a tough one, but these kids have it in them to pull it off. 


BMC Coaches.   

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