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Game Moved to 3/30
by posted 03/28/2023

Due to weather, tonight's game has been cancelled  Our game will now be on Thursday night (3/30) at either Roosevelt or McKinley at 5pm.  I will send out another email once I get confirmation of which field.  Thank you.

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Game Today
by posted 03/25/2023


We have a game today at 10am, Kennedy Middle School. Please try to arrive by 9:15am. 

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Practice Cancelled tonight
by posted 03/21/2023

Hello All! As you've might imagined, PRACTICE IS CANCELLED TONIGHT. 


See you all at batting cages on Thursday night.


Coach Ryan

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Game Today
by posted 03/18/2023


We have a game today at 10am, Kennedy Middle School. Please arrive by 9:30am. 

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Game Tonight
by posted 03/16/2023



We have a game tonight at 5pm, Kennedy Middle School. Please arrive by 4:30pm. 

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Thursday Practice 3/9 Cancelled
by posted 03/08/2023

Hello everyone,


With the incoming 'atmoshpheric river' arriving early tomorrow morning and remaining through Friday, we will have to cancel tomorrow nights practice. 




From the league president, Dan Williams;

Redwood City Little League Community, 


Thank you for your patience as we weighed the weather forecast and the impact on our ability to begin games this weekend.

With the bulk of the rain forecast on Thursday and Friday, we expect a humid but playable day on Saturday on fast-drying turf. With the hard work of our League Scheduler, we have found a way to move forward with Opening Day on Saturday for all teams - using only our turf fields at Red Morton. 

We are excited about opening our regular season with all teams playing at Red Morton and anticipate the environment to be buzzing with baseball! Our Snack Shack will be running, providing drinks and snacks throughout the day. 

Expect an update to this weekend’s schedule to take effect shortly.

The League is looking forward to kicking off the season.

Play ball!


RWCLL President

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Practice - 3/4/2023
by posted 03/04/2023

Morning, Team. Practice is on this morning at Kennedy at 10:45am.  I ask that all parents stay at the field today in case it starts raining hard and we have to end practice early. See you soon.

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Practice Today - 2/25
by posted 02/25/2023

Hi Team, just a quick reminder that we have field practice this morning at Kennedy at 10:45am. Looks like the rain is going to stay away.  See you then. Thank you

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by posted 02/23/2023

Hello everyone, we have decided to cancel tonight's field practice due to the impending rain that is supposed to hit us hard around 5pm (right in the middle of practice). We will likely have to cancel Saturday's field practice as well due to the rain, but I will email everyone Saturday morning to confirm.  If it is raining heavily on Saturday morning, RWC will likely close the fields anyway.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  Thank you.

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Cages cancelled Tonight
by posted 02/21/2023

Hello everyone, my apologies for the late notice. However, I have decided to cancel tonight's batting cage practice due to the heavy winds. Some of you may be dealing with power outage issues, downed trees, and other situation's. Additionally, the batting cages become difficult to practice in with heavy wins as the tarps on the cages are quite loud. I will see everyone on Thursday night. Thank you.

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Welcome to Team Worthington!
by posted 02/09/2023

Hello everyone!

My name is Ryan Worthington and I will be your manager for the 2023 Spring baseball season. My assistant coach this year is Piero Fagnini. Coach Piero and I coached a successful season last year in AAA and plan to have another fun and successful year this year. We are super excited to kick off this season with our first practice next Tuesday, 2/14 at the Byrnes Cages at 5 pm. Please arrive 10 mins early as our time in the cages is limited. Please be sure to bring all of your equipment. Glove, Helmet, bats. There is a pitcher's mound in the cages and we will likely do some minor throwing from the mound along with a lot of hitting!

For those of you that don't know where the Byrnes Cages are, they are located in the center of Red Morton park between Mitchell, McGarvey, and Bechet fields adjacent to the bathrooms.

Coach Piero and I look forward to meeting all of you on Tuesday.


Coach Ryan


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