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Saturday 4/1: Picture Day, Home Run Derby, and Game
by posted 03/29/2023

We have a busy day on Saturday!

Home Run Derby
  • We need a parent volunteer to be our HR Derby Liaison: this person will pick the HR Derby tracker sheet, write down each player's results, and then return it to the setup table and receive our team's raffle tickets.  Please let me know if you can help with this.
  • All fundraising donations are due this Thursday at midnight.  Please consider donating, it helps keep our league fees low for all players
  • 2:00 pm, Mitchell Field @ Red Morton Park.  Please be there a few minutes early.
Picture Day
  • Be sure to register for photos BEFORE you arrive on Saturday & bring your printed receipt
  • 2:40 pm, next to the rose garden at Bechet Field (Red Morton Park)
  • 3:45 pm @ Kiwanis Field (Red Morton Park).  We'll walk to Kiwanis after pictures to begin warming up.

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Thursday Pitching Practice is ON!
by posted 03/29/2023

We are ON for an optional pitching-only practice tomorrow (Thursday, March 30), 5-6 pm.  Please meet by the Byrnes Batting Cage at Red Morton Park, the team will find space nearby to throw.


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Thursday pitching practice?
by posted 03/29/2023

As today's practice was cancelled, we are considering holding an optional Pitching-Only Practice tomorrow (Thursday 3/30) at 5 pm.  30 or 60 minutes, venue TBD.

Please let me know if your player can make it and I'll send out an updated note with venue/time specifics, assuming we have a handful of players able to attend.


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Practice is cancelled today
by posted 03/29/2023

Fields are closed due to the rain - practice is cancelled today.

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Game on Monday, 5 pm @ Kennedy
by posted 03/26/2023

This week we have a Monday game and a Wednesday field practice.  Looking forward to our game tomorrow at Kennedy at 5 pm.

1) Please be there at 4:30 pm for warmups.

2) If your player cannot make it to the game please let me know today.



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Saturday Game @ 4 pm
by posted 03/24/2023

We are back in RWC tomorrow, 4 pm at Kennedy.  Please be there at 3:15 pm for warm-ups, and please let me know if your player cannot make the game.

Go Tropic Thunder!


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Game on Saturday
by posted 03/21/2023

All - the team we are playing on Saturday (3/25) has a multi-player conflict with the 1 pm start time, and asked if we can play at 4 pm instead.  I checked with our assistant coaches and so far it works.  Before we agree to the time change, please let me know if 4 pm would not work for your player this Saturday.  Thank you!


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Tropic Thunder Game Tomorrow
by posted 03/17/2023

Tomorrow we play an interleague game at Laureola Park (1 Bayport Ct in San Carlos) at 4 pm:

  • Please arrive at 3:15 pm for warmups
  • Let me know if your player cannot make it


The players voted on Wednesday, our team name is the Tropic Thunder!


We practiced sliding at Wednesday's practice - please have your player review this video to reinforce proper technique:

In the dugout, our players should not have bats or balls in their hands, and should be paying attention to the game and rooting on their teammates.

Also, the league provided us with a left-handed catcher's mitt so our 6 lefties will now be fully equipped behind the plate.

Finally, in the field, please remind your player to know what they should do with the ball before the pitch is thrown.  For example, if I'm playing third base with runners on 1st and 2nd, I should know to step on 3rd if the ball is hit to me.


Go Tropic Thunder and see everyone tomorrow!



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