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Team Meeting this Saturday
by posted 02/20/2020

Parents - 

Quick reminder that this Saturday we have practice at Kiwanis between 10:00-11:30.  Normally I will not send out email reminders for practices.  However, after Saturday's practice we are going to have a very quick team/parent meeting that I want to bring to your attention.  Please try to make it if you can.  


Thank you, 


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Welcom to BMC Majors East
by posted 02/14/2020

Parents - 

Hello and welcome to BMC majors.  Kenny and I are excited to get the season started and to have your son on our team.  Our team roster consists of the following players:

Burke Britt

Taggart Flanagan

Grady Furtado

Giovanni Galindo

Andrew Hamann

Spencer Johnson

Cole Joliet

Jack Kapase

Samuel McCarty

Nico Nurisso

Zander Pfeifer

Jayden Russi 


Our first practice will be 5pm on Monday at Kiwanis field.  Please check for a full schedule of practices.  It seems that this year (at least until the season starts) we will be practicing on Mondays and Saturdays.  Please note that we will not have practice tomorrow - despite it being listed on the schedule.  Both Kenny and I are out of town this weekend so Monday Feb 17th will be our first practice.  

We will have a parents meeting following our practice on Saturday Feb 22nd.  I am concerned that some families will be out of town for the three day weekend so we will have the team meeting on the 22nd.  

Additionally, I am happy to inform you that due to our sponsor (Broadway Mechanical Contractors - or BMC) generosity - specificially to Kenny Nurisso - each player on our team has a $75 credit at Goetz Bros. Sporting Goods to use this season.  Just go into Goetz and let them know your son’s name and that they play for BMC majors and you should be good to go.  Thanks again Kenny!

We will go over many things in our team meeting on the 22nd, however until then, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions (details below) - and for everything this season, please let us know if your son will miss a practice or a game.  We usually have a detailed practice/game plan so knowing who will miss will help us out tremendously.  To this point, we get it that this weekend is an odd time to start pracitcing with the three day weekend and all - so no big deal if Monday is not going to work for your family’s plans.  Just let us know.  

We are very excited for this season and believe we will have a very competitive team that will have a ton of fun playing together.  

Thanks for your time, and welcome to the team! 

Danny Furtado and Ken Nurisso


Danny Furtado: 650.839.3712,

Kenny Nurisso: 650.814.4321,

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