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Spring 2020 Majors Team Introduction
by posted 02/11/2020

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tyrone Jones II, and I along with Joe Rakow, will be coaching your sons' major's team (Western Allied), this Little League season. We're extremely excited to work with the team and help them develop, while having a ton of fun.... and yes, we will do our best to compete. This will be the longest email you receive from me all season, so I appreciate your time as you read through it. 

Coaching Philosophy

I want our children to have fun!!! I also want our children to win (I'm as competitive as most coaches you'll meet), however my greatest priority is that our children look back on this season and experience, with fond memories. I've had the privilege of training athletes at all levels, from children's first exposure to sports, to athletes now playing at a professional level. While our players will develop skills pertaining to the game of baseball, they will also develop character. We will discuss winning, losing, and how to respond to both. Coach Joe and I will work with our players on how to have fun in a competitive environment. 

With regard to playtime, every player will play. We will use the first several weeks to identify each player's strengths and how they will best contribute to the team. I'll also help our children understand that we all have a role to play on the team, and in order for the team to be successful, we have to play our role to the best of our ability. We can all make the parallel to our current employment. If everyone were CEOs, there would be no one to do the work, and if everyone were on the assembly line, there would be no one to strategize and lead the organization. Though players will primarily play certain positions, they will have exposure in practice - and at times - in games, to other positions. We'll run fundamental drills that will also benefit them at all positions. 

We will expect 2 things of our players.

  1. Respect the Game - This involves being presentable when you step on the field, and being accountable/responsible for their own belongings. (It's not Mom and Dad's responsibility to make sure they have their hat, glove, or bat.) Given that our children are now 10, 11, and 12 yrs old, this is certainly an appropriate expectation. This also involves respecting teammates, coaches, opponents, and umpires.

  2. Best Effort - Inevitably, our children are going to possess varying levels of skill. The only thing we ask, is that they give us their best effort. We will drive this home.  

We will be hands on coaches that are very engaged. We'll also demonstrate the various drills we're asking them to perform. Please remember that our players are still young, and thus we have an incredible opportunity to build their confidence on the field. Please cheer them on and reserve constructive feedback for a later time. Please tell your children how much you love watching them play... It has nothing to do with results, yet breathes confidence into them. I continue to work on this myself.


Practice Schedule

The league has scheduled our practices at the times listed below. All practices will be held at Mitchell Field. We'll soon receive a third scheduled practice, which will be held in Byrnes batting cages. I'll be sure to provide an update once confirmed. After the first game of the season, we'll move to one practice and one cage session per week. 

  • Saturdays @ 1:00 - 2:30 pm

  • Wednesdays @ 5:00 - 6:30 pm

  • Our first practice is schedule for this Saturday, and with the three day weekend, we're likely to have a number of players out of town. Please reply to this email and confirm your son's attendance. I will send a follow up email confirming that practice is on, or has been cancelled. 

Additional Support

  • Coaching - We're still in need of some extra hands. The commitment would be minimal. We need a parent that can help to manage the dugout during games, as Joe and I will be base coaching, and we need an adult in the dugout at all times. Additionally, we could use the help when running drills during practice. If you are willing to help, you'll need to first complete the volunteer application on the league website. For safety purposes, the league is strict about not allowing adults to engage players until this process is complete. 

  • Snack - I'm looking for a parent that can help with snack delegation. Please reply to this email if you're interested in helping.   

If you have any questions, I'm happy to make myself available. Feel free to call or text. You can reach me at 650-722-4391.

Again, we look forward to having your families with us this season.

Play Ball!
Coach Tyrone & Coach Joe


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