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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Practice Today 5pm @ Mitchell Field
by posted 04/13/2021

Hi Team,

Apologies for short notice, but we will have practice today at 5pm at Mitchell Field @ Red Morton Park.   Main focus will be Hitting/Baserunning, but I will pull some kids aside for Pitching as well.

If you are not familar with Mitchell Field, its most easily accessed by Myrtle Street (cross street Madison), and for those that play AYSO soccer, it is commonly referred to as the 49er Field.

Practice Schedule going forward is TBD.  

We will always have a weekday game on either Tues or Thurs, so that leaves as possible practice on Mon/Wed/Fri and the Tue/Thur we do not have games. 

- Wednesdays are bad for me, so most likely no Wednesday practices.

- I can only schedule the next week's practice, only after we have completed this week's practice

- Field availability changes each week due to games / other teams practice schedules,  so we may be at Kennedy, Roosevelt, Mitchell, Kiwanis Field or the Byrnes Batting Cages inside Red Morton Park.  Do not assume everything is at Kennedy.

- I am hoping to get the Byrnes Cages next Tuesday, this is TBD on the schedule currently.


For those who have never seen the Byrnes Cages, its the large green building in the far outfield of Mitchell Field.

Inside there are three hitting lanes, tees, pitching machines, etc...  Depending on how you configure it, we can have up to 7 kids hitting at the same time.





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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Game Day! Warmups 9:15am @ Kennedy
by posted 04/10/2021


Good Morning Team,


Below you will find a copy of today's lineup.

I have had a few questions re: lineups, playing time, posistion, etc, and wanted to give my thoughts (similar to what I mentioned during our Parents meeting after our first practice).


Some of the constrains I am curently working with:

  • For the first 4 games of the season (we are technially game #3 today), a Pitcher may only throw 35 pitches.   So while I call out a Pitcher in each inning, their appearance may be less than an inning, or greater... and I will adjust posistions accordingly
  • Minimum play for Defense is 3 innings
  • A typical game is 6 innings * 9 posistions.  So 54 playing opportunites... our lineup typically has 12 kids * 6 innings so thats 72 possible playing options.   72 - 54 = 18 spots where kids will be in the dugout during the defensive half of the inning

We have 16 regular season games this year, and I am going to think of the season in thirds.

The first third (~ 6 games), I am going to move kids around a lot, see what posistions they do well at and see where they need additional coaching.   The Batting lineup may be a little scattered, so I can experiment to find the continuity we need to string together some rallies / runs in the innings.  The kids may or may not be playing the same posistion for multiple innings.   Every one will sit out at least one inning during this portiton of the Season, and I plan for each kid to have the opportunity to pitch (if they wish) during these games.

The second third of the season, we will see kids playing the same posistion for more innings, longer pitching outings, still allowing those who want to pitch, to pitch...   still tweaking the batting lineup to find the flow that will be most succesfull.   Kids may, or may not sit out multiple innings.

The last third of the season we will be getting ready for playoffs..   Kids might play the same posistion all game, Kids might only play 3 innings, Batting lineups will still be evolving and we will still rotate pitchers, but pitch counts may be higher, so less # of pitchers per game.

While I want to instill competition into these kids, we are still in a very instructional level of Little League Baseball.  I want everyone of these athletes to play again next year, so I will continue to make choices for what I believe is best for their emotional and physical well being on the field.   No one will remember (or frankly care) who had the best regular season record of 2021 RWCLL AAA Baseball, and while only some might remember how we did in the Playoffs.. it is the Playoffs and I want to put this team in the best posistion to possibly win. 

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback I am happy to speak with y'all.









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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] No Practice/Game Saturday, See Ya Tuesday
by posted 04/02/2021

Hi Team,

Lots of great feedback from Coach Phil and Coach Vince on Tuesday's game..  

Sounds like we played a great defense and the pitching was solid...   

By my count, we have 14 more game until playoffs...   Plenty of time to get that rust off, butterflys out, etc..  and I'm looking ward to the progress out of all 13 athletes.. and that includes Cash.


First thing:   Who will NOT be at Tuesday's game...  i realize we are in the second week of Spring Break, so let me know if you are out this week... and we will adjust as we did last week..

Second thing... the website IS the most up to date info for anyting relatedo this team.  The App...  IS NOT... eehhh it might be updated, it may be not...    I dont run the App, nor does RWCLL, so if there is ever any confusion on whats on the calendar, look at the website..

I think this might be a direct link to our schedule:

Our Schedule for the next week or so...

Saturday April 3:     No Game / No Practice

Tuesday April 6th:    Game     vs Siegler / Daines at Kennedy, warmups at 4:15

Friday April 9th:  Practice, Kennedy at 5pm...      we will get some fielding/swings in before Saturday's game

Saturday April 10th:   Game  @ Kennedy 10am...  warmups at 9:15am




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