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[T-Ball] USA Baseball certification not required for T-Ball Bats
by posted 03/19/2021

Hi T-Ball Families,

I have received questions re:  T-Ball bats and the "USA Baseball" certification.

This is basically a certfication program in which baseball bats must meet and not exceed a certain performance threshold.


For T-Ball, we are not requiring a "USA Baseball" certified bat (image below), nor do we require you to purchase a "USA Baseball T-Ball Bat" Sticker.

T-Ball uses softer "compression" balls, thus no need for this requirement.


For older divisions this is will be requirement, and umpires check for the certification logo.

If you already have a USA Baseball bat... .great (most T-Ball bats made since 2018 have this logo), if you do not have a USA Baseball bat, still use it, assuming its properly sized for your athlete.


Here is the full rundown for those with athletes in older divisions, but please ignore the "Tee Ball Bats" section.




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[T-Ball] Uniform Update and Clarification
by posted 03/18/2021

Hi T-Ball Families,

I have received a lot of inquiries re: uniforms, pants, colors, belts...    

This is the latest information I have, and differs from previous communications.

Each player will received a League Supplied

- Shirt/Jersey

- Hat

- Belt

- Socks

(My guess is there will be 12 different color shirts, to differenitate the teams... but I do not do the uniforms, so not 100% sure)

The expecation is to have uniforms prior to Opening Day.   Coaches most likely will pick up the uniforms and distribute to the players.

Its possible you will not have them at your weekday practice next week, so arrangements will need to be made with your Coaches on distribution (which could be on Saturday, or possibly during the week)


Baseball Pants @ Goetz Bros:  These are complimentary, with a minium $10 purchase in store.    Baseball pants are not a requirement, but long pants are (sweats, jeans, etc.)

Helmets / Mitts:   Family Supplied & required

Bats:  Encouraged to be supplied by Family, but a team bat will be available (needs to be sanitzed between each player who uses it)

Cleats:  Encouraged, but optional.... Soccer cleat are allowed






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[RWCLL T-Ball] 2021 Season Update
by posted 03/16/2021

Hi RWCLL T-Ball Families,

Wanted to give a quick update of where we are at with the upcoming season.

- All kids currently registered, have been assigned to a team.  If your coach has not communicated out to you, please let me know.

- We are currently at 108 kids and growing

- Practice/Games schedules will be loaded into the system soon (I do not handle scheduling)

- First Practice will be Saturday March 20th at Henry Ford Elementary.   (You will receive an email once the actual time & field of your practice is determined. )

- Second Practice will be sometime next week, on a weekday.  (You will receive an email once the actual day/time & field of your practice is determined. )

- First Game / Opening Day is expected to be March 27 (You will receive an email once the actual day/time & field of your practice is determined. )

- Your coaches are picking up the team equipment today

- I will be conducting a Coaches meeting on Wednesday and Friday this week to review the expectations for the season

- Please register to volunteer.  If you are not registerd, you are not allowed on the playing field or dugout.  For a T-Ball game to run smoothly, 4 coaches/volunteers are required.    Registration form is here:

- All my previous communications are archived here (filter by Spring 2021 / T-Ball):


- Henry Ford will have 3 "field" areas, and your team will be assigned one of these fields during each practice.

Field 1 is the traditional dirt baseball field

Field 2 is in left outfied grass area with the backstop

Field 3 is in right outfield grass area

Games will not be played on the grass areas, only practices.     The smaller field at Roosevelt (Euclid/Upton) is currently under renovation, but we hope to be able to use it later in the season for games and practices.


Henry Ford Elementary

2498 Massachusetts Ave. Redwood City, CA 94061



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[RWCLL T-Ball] Free baseball pants and 10% coupon at Goetz Broth
by posted 02/24/2021

Hi T-Ball Families,

Following up on my previous email re:  family supplied equipment.

I was incorrect about baseball pants.  

You may have seen the email earlier this morning,  Goetz Brothers Sporting Goods is offering free baseball pants and a 10% coupon to all RWCLL players. 

Please be sure to visit Goetz Bros' store in San Carlos to pick up your players pants.

They will have a list of all RWCLL families at the checkout counter.




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[RWCLL T-Ball] Any Managers? and other updates
by posted 02/22/2021

Hi RWCLL T-Ball Families,

A few quick updates:

I would love for another volunteer to step forward to Manage a T-Ball Team.

This would allow us to keep roster small, and have equal amount of teams playing each weekend.


  • We have 86 athletes and 9 Managers
    • 4 teams of 9
    • 5 teams of 10

Currently, odd number of teams results in one less game a weekend (one team will not play)

T-Ball signups close in 1 month (older divisions are now closd).  Based on years past, I guestimatte 20+ new signups until we hit the deadline.

86+20 = 106

106 / 9 = ~ 12 kids per team

I would love for another volunteer to step forward to Manage a T-Ball Team.

12 kids per team is too many at this level.


Smaller rosters, and equal amount of teams playing each weekend with no byes would be the benefit of 1 more Manager.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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[RWCLL T-Ball] Equipment List
by posted 02/20/2021

Hi RWCLL T-Ball Families,


Below you will find more details on League Supplied and Family Supplied equipment for this upcoming season.   If you are unable to supply the required equipment, please reach out to me directly 


At the bottom of this message, I will include some sections of our Covid-19 Safety Procedures & Protocols  please be sure to review the entire document. 



League Supplied Team Equipment:

  • Softcore Balls
  • Batting Tee
  • Bat*


League Supplied Individual Equipment:

  • Team Shirt
  • Team Hat
  • Baseball Pants (Please pick up at Goetz Bros. Sporting Goods in San Carlos)


Family Supplied:

  • Face Covering (required)
    • Details below
  • Helmet (required)
    • helmet cage / wire face guard not required
  • Mitt / Glove (required)
    • 9”-10.5” size is typical for this age
  • Bat* (optional, highly encouraged)
    • 24”-26” length bat is typical for this age
    • 11oz-13oz drop is typical, which is the difference between length and actual weight of bat
    • * if a team/shared bat is used, it must be disinfected before/after each use, thus the encouragement to supply your own bat.
  • Cleats (optional, but encouraged) 
    • Soccer cleats are fine
  • Baseball Belt & Socks (optional)
  • Protective Cup (optional)
  • Batting Gloves (optional)
    • Could be a distraction and slow down the game
    • But if your player wans to use them, they can especially during pandemic times * (updated answer from my original email)

Optional equipment for practice at home:

  • Batting Tee
  • Wiffle Balls
  • Foam Balls
  • Soft Core Baseballs
  • Throw down bases






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[RWCLL T-Ball] 2021 Season Update
by posted 02/17/2021

Hi 2021 RWCLL T-Ball Families,

Wanted to give a quick update of where we are at.

- Currently 83 athletes signed up, divided amongst 9 teams.

- Rosters will be released towards the end of this month, as I may need to make alterations based on new signups, etc.

- Upper Divisions will hold tryouts on February 27th

- We expect all divisions to begin practicing around the second week of March

- Current San Mateo County Purple Tier guidelines allow for practices in stable cohorts/teams, but does not allow for games against other cohorts/teams

- If / When we move to the Red Tier, game play may begin

- RWCLL has posted our Covid-19 Safety Procedures & Protocols on the homepage of our website, and a direct link can be found here :  Please take a look

- All families participating this year must sign the Liability Release Waiver that you should have received via email, if you haven't please reach out to me directly at

- For additional details please refer to the Feb. 9th email sent by our League President, Mike Amoroso.  If you did not receive this email, pleast contact me.


Oak Barrett

RWCLL T-Ball Player Agent

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[RWCLL T-Ball] 2021 Season: Welcome, some updates, and a plea fo
by posted 02/03/2021

Hi RWCLL T-Ball Families,

Welcome to the 2021 Season of Little League Baseball in Redwood City. 

My name is Oak Barrett, and I am the Player Agent for our T-Ball and Wiffle Ball divisions.  Please reach out to me ( ) for anything player/coach/league/safety related as we begin to get settled into whatever type of season we may have ahead of us. 

As I look through the signup report, its great to see so many familar names from last seasons Wiffle and T-Ball divisions, welcome back.  For those new to Redwood City Little League, welcome and we are glad you signed up.  We all know last year was a unfortunate disapointment, and I think all of us are hoping for the best this season.

Our RWCLL Board will meet again tomorrow night to continue planning our 2021 season, but we will continue to be limited by the latest State, County, City and School District restrictions as we navigate the coming months.  

Best case scenario: Full Little League season with practices and games

Mid case scenario:  Team / Cohort specific activities (practices, intra-squad games, etc)

Worst case scenario:  The season is cancelled.

I am personally optimitstic it will be a mix for Mid case / Best case as the months go on...

Our T-Ball Division currently has 72 players signed up.  I would like to keep the rosters at 9 players max.  This would equate to 8 teams at our current enrollment.  We will most likely get another couple of dozens kids in the coming month or so.

We currently have enough Managers for 6 teams, and Assistant Coaches for 5 of those teams.

So this is my plea for additional Manager/Coach signups.  

T-Ball will have one practice and one game a week (in a normal year).   Skills wise, all these kids are still learning how to catch/throw/hit, and I wouldn't expect many (if any) will be playing catch with each other.  T-Ball coaching is about making practices fun and keeping the kids entertained.  I will provide a lot of drills during our Coaching Clinic that will make pracitices (45 minutes)  enjoyable for these younger ones.   No previous baseball knowledge is needed... being a parent is training enough.

For those interested in Managing/Coaching, please fill out the form found here.   

For those interested in being a Team Parent, helping out, etc... please fill out our Volutneer Form found here. 

Any adult working with the kids in a coaching or volunteer aspect, must have one of those forms submitted to the League as its part of our insurance policy. 

In my experience at least 4 volunteers are needed on Game Day

1. Manager / Coach: Hitting Coach

2. Coach / Volunteer:  1st Base Coach

3. Coach / Volunteer: 3rd Base Coach

4. Coach / Volunteer:  Organizing the kids in the dugout getting ready to hit, keeping them safe

So please be sure to fill out one of those forms if you are interested.   I really prefer not to have 12 kids per team, as this really extends the length of games (~ 12-18 more at bats), and the kids attention spans begin wandering when the game is too long...

In terms of timing, I will be forming the teams over the next few weeks, and do not expect practices to begin earlier than March.

As a League, we will continue to follow the regulations outlined by the governing bodies, and adjust accordingly during the season.

Thanks all for signing up this year, looking forward to seeing y'all out at the ball park.



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