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[Wiffle Ball] Day 2 coming up!
by posted 04/08/2021

Hi RWCLL Wiffle Families,

Can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since Opening Day, and I really hope all of you enjoyed it.

It was a beautiful day, and it was amazing to see RWCLL games being played on these fields for the first time since June 2019.

During your 2pm Wiffle practice, myself and Mike Amoroso (our RWCLL President) were announcing the Majors game on Kiwanis Field (next door to Mitchell), which gave us a great view from the announcers booth to watch all the Wiffle kids run around in their RWCLL Wiffle Jerseys/Hats having fun.

I wanted to say a big "Thank You" to the named coaches this year:

Robert Davies

Sean Harmon

Danny Pease

Nicole Campbell

As well as all the families who have signed up to help.   


I know there is hesitation in volunteering when you do not know what you are getting into, but I hope after seeing the first Wiffle day, you are now eager to help.   I know the Coaches would apprecaite it.... 

Please fill out our Volunteer Application on the RWCLL website:


Since Opening Day, we have added 5 Wiffle athletes to the rosters, so getting more volunteers on the field will keep these 35 kids busy... we can have extra throwing stations, hitting stations, mini games, challenges, etc...  

Wiffle is meant to be fun and pretty ad-hoc with plenty of family involvment... 


Anyhow, I am looking forward to another great Saturday this weekend..  The forecast looks like baseball weather.  My AAA game is in the morning, so my plan is to head out to Mitchell and watch all these little ones have fun.

For those who took photos on Opening Day, please pass some along to    as we are putting together a weekly  "This Week In Baseball (TWIB)"  photo montage out to the entire League.

Thanks all,

Oak Barrett

RWCLL Wiffle & T-Ball Player Agent





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[Wiffle Ball] Opening Day! March 27th 2:00pm
by posted 03/23/2021

Hi RWCLL Wiffle Families,

I appreciate everyones excitement and patience as we worked through the entire RWCLL schedule.

All of you should have received email updates this evening that Wiffle will be @ 2pm on Mitchell Field in Red Morton Park on Saturdays.

In years past, Wiffle was a community orientated, parent run weekly event.  There were no formal games, practice or coaches,  etc... It was ~60 minutes of families getting together to spend some time in the park, and having the little ones play baseball like drills/activities, etc...    We scheduled it after the older kids completed their games...   The goal is/was community building and attracting the next generation of t-ball players to RWCLL.

This year is much of the same, but with some differences...     Covid has made larger group gatherings (Last year we had 43 kids registered with 18 parent volunteers)  more difficult.  

This year we have 28 registered girls and boys, and 4 named Manager/Coaches, so we split the division into two "teams" or cohorts.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Robert Davies, Sean Harmon, Daniel Pease and Nicole Dalton Campbell for taking on the formal roles of Managers and Coaches this year. (Parent Volunteers are still wanted and needed)

All Wiffle "teams/practices" will be at Mitchell Field @ 2pm in Red Morton Park this year (Closest to Myrtle Street, but accesible via any of the parks parking lots)

- Davies / Harmon  roster will use the First Base / Right Field area

- Pease / Campbell   roster will use the Third Base / Left Field area

I use the term "teams/practices" loosely, as there are no games between these two squads this year...

All kids will receive the same black/white Redwood City Little League Wiffle division shirts and hats, so please note down what team you are on, and what side of the field you are assigned..

As San Mateo County continues to get into lower Covid color tiers, there may be the opportunity to combine these groups, but for now Redwood City Little League will abide by the recomdendations handed down by San Mateo County.

Some of you have already filled out the Volunteer Application.  If you are interested in helping out on the field this season, please fill out the following form:


Athletes will receive their shirt/hat this Saturday... 

Thanks y'all...  its great to see so many families participating in this division.


Oak Barrett

RWCLL Wiffle & T-Ball Player Agent












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[Wiffle Ball] Clarification on Pants @ Goetz Bros
by posted 03/18/2021

Hi Wiffle Families,

While baseball pants are not required for Wiffle Ball, they are complimetary with a $10 minimum purchase @ Goetz Bros.

I know there has been some confusion regarding the pants


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[Wiffle Ball] 2021 Season Update
by posted 03/16/2021

Hi RWCLL Wiffle Families,

A quick update of where we are at with the season.

- All registered players have been assigned to a team

- 28 total players, two teams of 14

-  Opening Day / first Wiffle session is expected to be Saturday March 27. 

Specific times will be added to your team schedules (I do not handle the scheduling)


If you have any questions, please let me know.


RWCLL Wiffle Player Agent

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[RWCLL Wiffle Ball] Current status / update
by posted 02/22/2021

Hi RWCLL Wiffle Ball Families,

Wanted to provide some updates of where we are at

- Please complete the online RWCLL COVID-19 Release of Liability Agreement sent out earlier today.  All athletes playing this year, must have this form completed.

- The full Covid-19 Safety Procedures & Protocols can be found on the homepage, and I will incldue a few screen captures below

- We are currently at 21 athletes and 3 registered Coaches.  Based on recent news of team competitions being allowed, and the possiblity of San Mateo County going into the Red Tier, we are waiting to see if we can have a single group of players, or if we will need to split into 2 or 3 cohorts.

- Volunteers/Coaches are always welcome,  please complete either a Coach or Volunteer application form .  Realistically, you will all be at the field on Saturdays when they have their play time, so may as well help... The more volunteers means the more different stations/games/challenges/etc... 

- RWCLL is requiring all athletes to furnish their own helmet this year.  In my experience, most kids in the older divisions (A through Majors) have their own helmet for a variety of reasons outside of Covid 19.   If this presents a hardship to you, please let me know. RWCLL has options in place to make sure every kid has the equipment they require to have a fun season. 

- Team / Shared bats will be available.  If they are used, they will require sanitizing in-between each player use (screenshot below of our Covid Plan).  If possible, I would encourage you to purchase your own bat this year.  Wiffle League DOES NOT USE aluminum bats.  I will attach a picture of the bats currently used.  In general, any plastic bat that is kid sized should suffice. 

- Facemasks will be required off all players.

- RWCLL will furnish Hats / Shirts to all the athletes

- Additional equipment:  

    - Cleats (optional), soccer cleats work but the kids will be on the artifical turf field, so athletic shoes are fine

    - Mitt/Glove:  highly suggested, but not required.  for the T-Ball and A ball kids that I have coached, running drills without mitt/glove has helped them learn how to catch a ball with two hands.

  - Baseball Pants:  optional... the older divisions require pants, i would say shorts/sweats are fine in this group.


Again, if any of the equipment creates a hardship, please let me know.


As a reminder, Wiffle Ball is meant to get the kids exposed to baseball in general.  

The Coaches will make the decisions on how they want to run the program, but essentially there will be 21 little ones running around the field having fun. 

Whether its a batting station, throwing station, base running station, etc...  its up to the Coaches & Volunteers.    There are no formal games, but we will supply throw down bases to have a few make shift fields,  Batting Tees for kids to hit off, etc...   

This division was created to get 4 year olds excited about baseball in a fun and enjoyable manner.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  


Wiffle Ball Player Agent

Screen captures of some relevant sections of our Covid 19 manual below, as well as what the three team bats currently supplied.








Example of the Bats that the Wiffle Division as used



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[RWCLL Wiffle Ball] 2021 Season Update
by posted 02/17/2021

Hi 2021 RWCLL Wiffle Ball Families!

My name is Oak Barrett, and I am the Player Agent for our Wiffle and T-Ball divisions in Redwood City Little League. 

As we currently stand, we have 19 kids signed up for our Wiffle Ball division.   Historicially, this division doesn't split up into formal teams, but rather a community approach to some Saturday afternoon baseball.   It is led by the parent coach volunteers, and is really meant to get this little ones interested in the game of baseball, meet others in the community, and enjoy a day at the park.

This year will be the same, but slightly different.   RWCLL needs to abide by the State/County/City regulations, and while we are in the Purple Tier, we are able to have practices in stable cohort / teams, but are limited in number.   If / When we transistion to the Red Tier, the we can have games and slightly larger groups.  

Wiffle doesn't have formal games, but we will not be able to combine all 19 kids until we leave the Purple Tier.

Based on the 19 headcount, ideally we split them into 3 cohorts.

Currently we have one set of Coaches signed up, thank you Robert Davies and Sean Harmon.  

What we will need is another two sets of Coaches to handle the second cohort and third cohort.  

As we transistion to the Red Tier, the expectation is that all the kids will be in the same group.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the registration form here:  

I will have a Coaches clinic in the coming weeks to go over expectations, equipment, safety, etc..

Also, RWCLL has posted our Covid-19 Safety Procedures & Protocols on the homepage of our website, and a direct link can be found here :  Please take a look

All families participating this year must sign the Liability Release Waiver that you should have received via email, if you haven't please reach out to me directly at


Oak Barrett

RWCLL Wiffle Ball Player Agent

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