Redwood City Little League

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What is a "baseball age"?

It is the age of your player, on August 31st of that Spring Seasons year.   So if you daughter turned 11 on August 3rd, 2023, they would be considered a "Baseball 11" for that 2023 Spring Season.  

The full Little League Age chart for the 2023 season can be found below:

Based on my players "Baseball Age", what Divisions are they eligble for?

Redwood City Little League's Operating Manual states players in the "green" age cells below, are eligible for that division



Why is registration for the upper divisions closing before tryouts?


By closing the registration process prior to tryouts for the upper divisions, more time will be given to the board and all of its volunteers to better plan for a more successful season. This will allow us to better determine how many teams to form at each level and recruit the best managers and coaches to volunteer.


Will Seniors be offered again?  (Seniors is available for 14-16 year olds)


This is a season by season decision.  RWCLL did not offer Seniors in 2022, 2021 or 2020.


How do I get more questions answered?


Reach out to a Board Member who you think can answer your question and send him or her an email.  If he or she cannot answer it, he or she should be able to find out who can.