Redwood City Little League

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Why is registration for the upper divisions closing before tryouts?


By closing the registration process prior to tryouts for the upper divisions, more time will be given to the board and all of its volunteers to better plan for a more successful season. This will allow us to better determine how many teams to form at each level and recruit the best managers and coaches to volunteer.


Why two levels of AAA?  (AAA is available for 9-11 year olds)


We have decided to offer two different levels of AAA this year because we feel that this is best for the development of our players.  By splitting the first level of kid-pitch into two levels, we can offer kids who have had some experience in AAA the opportunity to play at a slightly more competitive level.  We also are giving the kids coming out of AA a chance to learn how to pitch and hit live pitching without walks (coaches will step in at 4 walks to pitch, throughout the season).  We anticipate these changes also having a positive effect on our more selective Majors division.


Why reduce the number of Majors teams to 10?  (Majors is available for 10-12 year olds)


Be reducing the number of teams from 12 to 10, we expect to have a more competitive Majors Division.


Why do we offer 50/70?  (50/70 is available for 11-13 year olds)


50/70 Intermediate division is meant to bridge the development gap between a 40/60 field (what is used for Majors), and a 60/90 field (what is used for Juniors, Seniors, High School and beyond).  There are also leads and steals in 50/70, which helps prepare players for a more advanced level of play.


Why is Juniors being offered again?  (Juniors is available for 13-14 year olds)


We could not offer a Juniors program in 2015 because we did not have the potential for opponents in our District.  This year we are expecting more opponents within our District and may consider putting together a Gold team that will play other Gold level teams in the Bay Area.  These decisions will depend upon registration.


Will Seniors be offered again?  (Seniors is available for 14-16 year olds)


Yes.  Sign-ups for Seniors will take place in the spring.


How do I get more questions answered?


Reach out to a Board Member who you think can answer your question and send him or her an email.  If he or she cannot answer it, he or she should be able to find out who can.