Redwood City Little League

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Wiffle Ball


  • Wiffle Ball Baseball is for girls and boys turning 4 prior to September 1st.  The focus is to introduce the fundamentals of baseball (throwing, swinging, fielding & terminology) in a fun, family friendly practice/game like environment.
  • Players will hit plastic wiffleballs off batting tees.  Metal bats are prohibited, and 24" foam or plastic bats are encouraged.  (Traditional yellow wiffle bats are too long for 4 year olds)
  • Wiffleball is typically held Saturday afternoon in Red Morton Park once the older division Little League games are over.
  • Players in this division may request to be with a specific coach, neighbor, best friend, etc. The player agent must be notified and will make all reasonable requests if possible.


Spring 2023 Season Information


  • Openining Day is Saturday, March 11th time TBD
  • All Wiffle Sessions are on Bechet Field located in Red Morton Park (detailed images below)
  • Bechet Field will be split into 4 distinct Wiffle fields
  • 60 minute Game Day:
    • ~10 minute full group warmup
    • ~25 minute individual team practice (on your assigned field)
      • Team 1: Field 1
      • Team 2: Field 2
      • Team 3: Field 3
      • Team 4: Field 4
    • ~25 minute game against another team
      • Coaches will be given the game schedule


  • Baseball Diamond is 25 feet square
  • 2-5 innings depending on time limit
  • No outs are recorded
  • No score is recorded
  • Offense
    • Batters hit off tee
    • Batter/Runner circles the bases and returns to home plate
    • Full Roster batting
  • Defense
    • Mitts are optional
    • Throws can be made to First Base after player establishes proper throwing position
  • 1 full inning = both teams have a turn on Offense and Defense
  • Parents are encouraged to be on the defensive field, but MUST be registered as a Volunteer with RWCLL:


League Supplied Equipment

  • Wiffle Balls (baseball size, not larger softball size)
  • Batting Tees
  • Throw down bases
  • RWCLL Wiffle Ball T-Shirt and Hat
  • White baseball pants, available at Goetz Bros. in San Carlos and must be picked up by the family


Family Supplied Equipment

  • Batting Helmet
  • Plastic / Foam bat (recommendations below) 
  • Baseball Mitt 8.5” – 9.5” size recommended
  • Cleats not required, the field is artificial turf and athletic shoes are sufficient
  • Water


RWCLL encourages each player to have their own helmet and bat.  Please contact the Wiffle Ball Player Agent if this creates a hardship, and RWCLL will make sure the player has the equipment they need



  • Batter must have a helmet on, prior to picking up and swinging a bat
  • Plastic / Foam bats only, no metal or wood bats
  • No diving or sliding on the field
  • Defense to give the baserunner plenty of space to circle the bases


Bechet Field:



Red Morton Park: