Redwood City Little League

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AA - Machine Pitch

AA - Machine Pitch is for boys and girls 8-9 who want to expand the fundamentals of hitting and fielding.  In the division, players will hit off an electric pitching machine at speeds between 35 and 42 mph.

The primary goals of AA - Machine Pitch are to instruct children in the fundamentals of baseball and to allow them to experience the value of teamwork. Rosters may be composed of between 9-10 players. The diamond used is a 60-foot diamond and the pitching distance is 40 feet. 

Player requests are not accepted.  Rosters will be selected at random.



Click here to download the Practice Plan

RWCLL – AA Division Rules (updated 2022)

  • Time Limit: No inning can start after 75 minutes, hard stop after 90 minutes.
  • Number of Innings: Six (6) full innings.
  • Wins or losses will not be tracked.
  • A single coach may stand in the outfield with the players while team is on defense throughout the season.
  • Dugout: All players not playing defense or batting shall sit in the dugout.  No on deck batters. As Bechet and Griffin Fields do not have a separate dugout, the first row of bleachers closest to the field are considered the dugout.
  • Pitching Machine Location: 1st pitching stripe at Bechet & Griffin (46 ft.). Speed set at 35mph for the first 6 games and then 40mph for game 7 and beyond.
  • Roster Batting
  • Max Number of Runs Per Inning: Five except for the 6th inning where runs are unlimited for both teams.
  • Unlimited inning: If a time limit is hit, the coaches can declare a “final inning” along with the umpire where that final inning will be unlimited. Once that inning is complete, the game is over.
  • Ties:  Games can end in a tie.  No extra innings.
  • Max Number of Outfielders: Four. Outfield Players must stand 10 feet onto turf outfield.
  • Catcher is required each inning.
  • Max Number of Consecutive Innings at a Position: Two (2).
  • Number of Pitches: Seven (7) unless last fouled off. Batters are out after swing and miss on 3rd strike. A ball that is foul tipped into the catcher's glove for the 3rd strike will result in a batter being out.
  • Batted Ball That Strikes the Pitching Machine or the coach feeding the machine: Ball is dead and treated as a single.
  • Cones for the outfield: If a ball clears the cones on a fly, it  is a home run. If ball rolls through the cones on the ground, it is a ground rule double and all runners advance two bases.
  • Play Stoppage: Play stops when an infielder (including pitcher or catcher) has control of the ball within baselines and raises both hands.  The “baseline” as used herein means the baseline from home plate to first base, an imaginary line from first base to second base (at the outside edge of the bases), an imaginary line from second base to third base (at the outside edge of the bases), and the baseline from third base to home plate, as shown in the red dotted line in the diagram below. The white curved line painted on Bechet and Griffin fields in the outfields is not the line to be used to stop play. An outfielder cannot stop the play by running the ball inside the baseline from the outfield.
  • Home Team occupies the 1st base dugout and sets up the field (drags, chalks, bases, etc)
  • Visitor team puts away the field and ensures equipment boxes, dugout gate and portable outhouses are locked
  • Next base advancement: If the runner is past the center line between bases when the pitcher controls the ball with both feet in the pitcher circle the player will advance to the next base. If the runner is before the center line they will return to their previous base. Center line is located halfway between each base.  If no center line is indicated, the umpires are to use their best judgment.  This is an umpire judgment call and cannot be questioned by the coaches.
  • Ball Thrown Out of the Field of Play: Balls thrown out of the field of play or through the openings located at the backstop, 1B or 3B are dead balls and all runners advance one base.
  • No Infield Fly Rule
  • Feet first sliding is allowed.  No headfirst sliding at any base.  A player who slides headfirst will be issued a verbal warning.  A second offense will result in the player being called out.
  • Only coaches in coaching boxes are allowed to coach the players on offense. No coaching allowed from the "Pitching Coach" to players on base paths during the inning; however, the pitching coach may coach the batter in the box.
  • Bunting is not allowed.