Redwood City Little League

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AA - Machine Pitch

AA - Machine Pitch is for boys and girls 8-9 who want to expand the fundamentals of hitting and fielding.  In the division, players will hit off an electric pitching machine at speeds between 35 and 42 mph.

The primary goals of AA - Machine Pitch are to instruct children in the fundamentals of baseball and to allow them to experience the value of teamwork. Rosters may be composed of between 9-10 players. The diamond used is a 60-foot diamond and the pitching distance is 40 feet. 

Player requests are not accepted.  Rosters will be selected at random.



Click here to download the Practice Plan

RWCLL – AA Division Rules 


  • All male catchers must wear a cup.

  • All pitchers must be able to cleanly field the position (ball safe)

  • No On-Deck Batters: For player and spectator safety, practice swings are only allowed INSIDE the batter’s box. No swinging of the bat in on-deck, backstop or dugout areas.

  • Dugout: All players not playing defense or batting shall sit in the dugout. As Bechet and Griffen Fields do not have a separate dugout, the first row of bleachers closest to the field are considered the dugout.


  • Rules listed below are rules for the 2021 season, including end of season tournament:

  • No player, Manager, Coach or fan may talk to umpire about calls. All calls are final, no conferences on field, no objection to calls, no yelling from dugout or stands. Any breach will be ejection from the game and one game suspension. Two instances in the season, violator will be suspended for the remainder of season.
  • Maximum numbers of defensive players are 1 pitcher, 4 infielders, 4 outfielders.
  • Full Roster Batting order. Order is set for game, no changing of order after the first pitch of game. If a player is removed from the order because of illness or injury he may return to same position in order.
  • 7 Pitches per batter, 3 swinging strikes is an out, bunt on third strike foul or offered at is a strike out, foul on 7th pitch continues at bat, not umpires job to notify batter of last pitch, team scorekeeper or coach should notify their batter.
  • 3 out per inning
  • 5 run limit per inning in 1st thru 5th innings. 6th inning is unlimited runs for both teams. 3 Outs need to be made to end the inning. Score keeper of batting team notifies umpire to stop the inning after entire play concludes. Play is only stopped by making an out or ball is controlled to stop play as in rule #10. Even if more than 5 runs score in final play only 5 runs count in the inning towards final score. Each team must have a scorebook. Exchange line ups before game, compare score books after each inning.
  • No inning can start after 75 minutes and game stops at 90 minutes.
  • Players can only play 2 innings at the same position in the field per game
  • Play is stopped when; player has control of ball inside the outside edge of bases with hands up. No halfway rule, runner goes back to last base crossed when play is stopped by fielder. The fielder still has the option to continue play and attempt a play on any runner before he/she has stopped play.
  • Pitchers must be ball and glove safe.
  • Pitcher must play in front of or behind the pitching machine to either side. Cannot play next to machine or out of the circle before pitch
  • Any contact between runner and fielder, runner is out. Runner must avoid any contact. There is no out of baseline call unless during a rundown when tag is being attempted.
  • Outfielders must play behind white arc designating beginning of outfield
  • Cones are placed at 160 feet on white dots painted on turf
  • Ball hit over the cones is a homerun. Ball hit on ground past cones is ground rule double. Ball touched by fielder that roles past cones is live ball
  • Bunting is allowed only one time per player per game. No swinging bunts, no squaring to bunt and pulling back to swing. Same player bunts twice in one game is out.
  • No Infield Fly Rule
  • Feet First sliding is allowed
  • Home Team sets up field, Visitors take down and are responsible for all equipment, (bases, home plate, cones, machine, cord, benches, ball bags) being locked in Equipment Boxes.
  • Home team 1st base dugout, Visitors 3rd base dugout
  • Machine is placed at 2nd pitching rubber, center of machine over the line slightly offset to 1st base side of rubber so ball is feed and exits machine in center of rubber.
  • Pitching machine is to be set at 40mph. Use mechanical adjustment to fine tune pitches, not the electronic adjustment (changing the speed of the ball). To set machine, place a tee in the center of home plate at lowest height, place ball on tee. Set pitching machine distance and speed. Use mechanical thumb screws to adjust up or down and left or right until machine pitched ball strikes ball on tee.
  • A batted ball that strikes machine or ball bag is dead, ruled a singlerunners advance to next base
  • Runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball crosses home plate, no leading or stealing
  • Ball thrown out of play past fence line or into dugout opening is dead, runners advance one base
  • No On Deck Batters. No swinging of bats in dugout area
  • Each team may have one defensive coach on the field that stands beyond the outfielders.
  • Base coaches must be in designated coaching box at first and third base only.
  • An adult must be the offensive teams pitching machine operator, no children may operate machine.
  • The pitching adult may not coach runners on the base paths during the inning, they may coach the batter in the batters box.
  • All other rules are as found in Little League Green Rule Book