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End of Season Tournament
by posted 05/04/2021

As I mentioned in a prior email, the league does run an end of season AA elimination tournament.  The details are still be worked out but the games will be spread out between June 1st and June 12th.  The length of our season will depend of course on how well we do during the tournament (win and advance, lose (once or twice?) and the season is over.  I wanted to get this out to you for your early summer vacation planning.  More concrete details will be announced soon.

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Ignore Cancellation Notice
by posted 04/27/2021


Please ignore the cancellation notice that was sent out yesterday by the system.  It appears to me this was for our practice on 5/12 which was moved to a different field.  We still have practice tomorrow.  See you then.

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Team Update
by posted 04/26/2021


That was another exciting game to be a part of and it is so great to see the energy and excitement this team has.  They are quite the competitive bunch and were not too happy with me when I agreed (before our comeback in the bottom of the 6th) to play an extra inning since the game was going by so quickly early on.  On that note, there is a AA elimination tournament at the end of the season when scores do count but for these games, we want to maximize the amount of innings we play.  It will benefit the kids more to get extra repititions than whether we "win" or "lose" these games.  If we have extra time and the other coaches/umpires are willing, I will try to squeeze in another inning when we can. 

We are seeing improvement from everyone, both at the plate when hitting and in the field on defense.  It has been so much fun to watch the development from this group.  Keep working with them at home when you can playing catch or hitting off of a tee.

We have practice this Wednesday (Bechet Field at Red Morton) at our normal time (5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.).  We do not have a game on Saturday (this is our bye week) but if you find yourself missing the excitement, I recommend checking out the Majors games at Kiwanis field which run most of the day Saturday. The Saturday evening Majors game (4 p.m.) has been a popular game for fans to watch and can be a great learning opportunity for the kids.

I cannot add it as an official practice to our team webpage but we will have additional batting practice for anyone who wants to join us on Sunday, May 2 at 4 p.m. until approxiamtely 5 p.m. at the old batting cages at Red Morton Park.  This is totally optional but does give us a little time to work with the kids on hitting more than we can during the weekly practice.    When we did this last week, the kids started playing a game of pickle at the end of the hitting session and did not want to leave.  We will do a few of these during the month of May and they are totally informal but feel free to drop in if you can.

I also want to thank all of the parents who are helping us out at practices and during the games.  Your help is very much appreciated.

See everyone on Wednesday.

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