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Schedule Update and Coach Request
by posted 05/03/2021


Wow - great game on Saturday.  That was an amazing comeback with the whole team contributing.  

Quick Schedule Heads Up - For this week, we will have two practices - one today on Kiwanis from 5-7pm and one on Friday in the cages between 5:00-6:30.  Next week the schedule is tentative but we are looking to practice Monday and Wednesday to tune up for our Thursday May 13th game.  Ideally one of these will be in the cages, but that is dependent on availability. 

Coaching Staff Request - Parents please check your calendars for the following dates: May 29 and June 1-5 and let me know if you have plans that would necessitate your son missing any of these dates.  These will likely be the playoff dates and if we are going to have a kid out, we want to make sure we properly prepare another boy to fill his role.  Of course things may change in the future, but if you know today that you will be out of town for say a wedding, vacation, or other committment over these dates, please let me know as soon as possible.  

Thank you, 


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Batting Cage and Season Update
by posted 04/28/2021

Parents - 

I just wanted to go over a few items that are coming up over the next several weeks.  

1.) Pre-game batting cages - as the season has progressed there has been less and less availability in the cages as other teams fill up the available time slots.  Because of this a lot of our hitting practice will take place before the games when the cages are empty.  This Saturday, please have you son at the batting cages an hour ahead of game time.  

2.) Optional batting cage practice this Friday - The timing is not great but we have reserved the cages between 6:30-8:00 pm this Friday.  This is optional for your son.  If he's around and can make it its a great chance to get more hitting practice but again, non-mandatory.

3.) Two week break - I'm not entirely sure why but after Saturday's game (May 1st), we don't have another game for nearly two weeks (Thursday May 13th).  Ideally we will still meet about 3 times per week, hopefully equally split between the cages and field practices, availability permitting.  

4.) End of season and playoffs - Its hard to believe but we've played eight games already and only have six games remaining until playoffs.  I think the team is coming together nicely, having fun, and coming to the realization that we can beat - or lose to - any team in the division.  Our goal is to make as deep of a run as possible in the playoffs.  We will not have the playoff schedule until the regular season comes to an end.  We do know that the last day of the little league season will be Saturday June 5th, when the final two teams in all the upper division leagues leagues will have their championship games.  I would urge all players and parents to mark their calendars for that date.  Hopefully we will be in the game, but even if not, it is worth attending as it is usually a great baseball game and a nice community event.  


We are looking to have a strong push in the second half of the season, the boys are getting better and better and we believe having a great time.  In our last game our defense did not commit a single error and three games ago one boy exclaimed "this is the craziest and most fun baseball game I've ever played in!".  Hopefully the boys have a few more of those types of games in store for us this season!

Take care, 



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